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Mr. Asghar Latifi started selling and repairing Parker pens and fountain pens for the first time in Iran in 1961. Six years later, in 1967, he started engraving names on Parker exquisite sets and similar products. Apart from offering the most beautiful, the most exquisite, and the most modern pens and fountain pens, sales of finest stationery was added ever since.

If you intend to watch or purchase branded and splendid pens and fountain pens, do pay a visit to Jomhouri Street, corner of Bobby Sands. Glitter of the most exquisite pens and fountain pens caresses your curious eyes among the city crowd and diversity of anonymous products.

Mr. Asghar Latifi is among the few people who gained attentions of collectors, art lovers and tastemakers in his own field due to distributing and selling quality stationery, especially branded and famous pens and fountain pens. The most valuable of all is the presence of Farrokh Latifi and Farshid Latifi who entered this field with father’s guidance and offered the products with a vigorous attempt.

At present, various brands of pens and fountain pens such as Parker, MontBlanc, Sheaffer, Montegrappa, Lamy, Waterman, Cross, CaranDache, Pelikan, Eiplomat, Europen, Senator, Rotring, and Inoxcrom are offered at the store.

The store has one of the biggest collections of pen and Fountain pen with more than 10,000 pens including famous brands, which is unique of its kind in the world.
We hope to provide the most diverse and beautiful products to our esteemed people at all times, and to offer them what Iranians’ beautiful taste deserve.

We strive to develop a spirit of camaraderie among the pen collecting community

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Asghar Latifi, Latifipen Group

The First FountainPen Hospital in Iran

Buying a variety of pens, fountain pens, ball point pens, roller ball, and even mechanical pencils is a hobby of many people, and most people dedicate lots of love and passion for buying and collecting a variety of pens and fountain pens and enjoy having them. However, what is important after buying and collecting these pens is maintaining, taking care of them and fixing problems that may affect their performance over time. The Parker Latifi Group , provides services such as pen, ball point pen and fountain pen repairs, and additionally provides consulting on how to maintain your pens and fountain pens in the best condition and this has made it possible for those who come to us to preserve their treasured and expensive pens and hold on to them for many years.
The History of Pen Repairs in the Parker Latifi Group
After Mr. Latifi launched the Parker Latifi store in 1961, he noticed that there was a shortage of a specialized center for pen and fountain pen repairs that were either being sold at the time or older pens that were still in use or were kept as air looms because there many people wanted to have their old pens repaired and they were willing to do anything to fix their pens problems so that they could maintain them for a longer period of time because they were very valuable and important to them. Thus, Mr. Latifi decided to establish a Pen Hospital at the Parker Latifi Group during the first years of his work and established the first specialized center for pen, fountain pen, mechanical pen and ball point pen repairs. This led many people to fix and revive their old pens, or fix the pens that were purchased from Parker Latifi group and were damaged over time. Therefore, by establishing the first pen hospital, Mr. Latifi became a familiar face for those of the pen society and he still accompanies them by giving the best and most quality consulting and services.

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Providing the Primary Parts of Pens and Fountain Pens in Order to Repair Them
One of the most important issues that come to peoples minds about the repair of original and quality pens and fountain pens is the type of material of the parts being used in specialized repairs of pens. Some people think that the authenticity and originality of their pens, mechanical pencils and fountain pens will be reduced if they repair or change some of their parts. It may be interesting to know that this perception is completely wrong and the Parker Latifi Group is directly involved with a number of pen and fountain pen manufacturing companies and receives all the necessary repair parts from the manufacturers themselves. By changing the pen and fountain pen part, not only will the pens authenticity and originality not be reduced, but they will be revived and returned to you in their original condition.

What Brands of Pens, Fountain Pens, Technical Pens and Mechanical Pencils can be repaired?
Fortunately, the Parker Latifi Group, with more than half a century of history in the field of selling and repairing pens, has made it possible for its customers to bring any type of pens, fountain pens, technical pens and mechanical pencils with various brand names to the pen hospital, located in the Parker Latifi Group, so that they can have their pens returned to them in their original condition. Of course, it should be noted that this applies to pens and fountains pens with high quality and authenticity which are repairable. Most reputable brands in the world are as mentioned and allow pen owners to use them for many years by fixing their potential problems.

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Repairing Various Types of Unknown Pens and Fountain Pens
One of the important points about the specialized repairs of pens in the Latifi Pen Hospital is the knowledge of knowing the brand, type and model of the pen in order to provide the necessary parts to fit perfectly in line with the brand and model so that they can be returned to the customer in the best way possible. However, sometimes you may have received a pen as a gift or in most cases the pen is left to you from previous generations, and you do not know of its name or origin. In such cases, Mr. Latifi's background and experience will come to your aid, and sometimes by just seeing the picture of the pen he might be able to inform you about its brand and model. Afterwards, the Latifi Group will take the necessary steps to optimally repair and maintain your pen and answer your possible questions.

Necessary Steps for Pen Repair at the Latifi Store
For specialized repair of different types of pens, fountain pens, mechanical pencils, etc., you can go directly to the Latifi store and share your issues with this group. After receiving the necessary guidance, if needed, leave your pen to the Latifi group to do the repairs and have your pen returned to you in the shortest possible time. You can also first register your issue on Latifi Group's website in the "Pen Repairs" section, and after receiving a response from the Latifi group, take the necessary steps and, if needed, take your pen to the store in person for repairs.

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